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Why do we need blood?

One of our research focus is on the study of processes involved in the formation of blood clots.  While blood clots normally form to prevent excessive bleeding following an injury, the same process is responsible for the formation of harmful clots that may block blood vessels causing heart attacks or strokes.  Therefore, a clearer understanding of clots form will not only increase our knowledge of blood clot formation in healthy individuals and individuals with cardiovascular diseases, but may potentially lead to a new preventative and therapeutic drugs for heart attack and strokes.

For us to pursue our research on blood clotting, we need fresh blood everyday.  This is because the blood cell primarily responsible for blood clotting, platelets cannot survive for more than few house once taken out of our body.  In order to study platelet mechanisms regulating blood clotting, we must prepare fresh platelets every single day.  Every single morning, we collect donor's blood, isolate platelets and then perform experiments.  Without blood for the day we cannot do any research.  Thankfully, there are many generous donors who have been helping our research for years; however, the number is never enough.  We are always short of blood donors and any additional help from you can make a big difference.

As our primary interest is on platelets, we can accept most blood donors, even if you are not eligible for Red Cross donation for example if you have resided in England etc.  For more information, please click on the links below