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Honours Degree Program

2008 honours students

How to apply for Honours program at ACBD: 

 Applications are done centrally through Monash University.  Prospective applicants should complete an application form, which can be downloaded or obtained from the faculty office. 

     Further information and download application form: BMS or Science Honours

AMREP Honours Scholarships – apply for these $6,000 scholarships to study at AMREP. 


 If you would like more information on honours at the ACBD, contact:

   Dr Simone M Schoenwaelder
   Australian Centre for
Blood Diseases
   6th Floor,
Burnet Building, AMREP
   Commercial Road
Victoria 3004


dr sue cranmer at open day

Student Information Evening at ACBD

In order to provide prospective students, and the wider community, with a better   understanding of what we do at the ACBD, we have participated in several information sessions as well as hosting our own information nights. A lot of  interest was generated by these students to learn more about blood diseases and haematology. 

    Some of the comments from the students at the Student Information Evening 

  • Very friendly staff, awesome facilities, part of an impressive network of opportunities.
  • State of the art equipment in labs.
  • The presentation was very informative.
  • Everything exceeded my expectations!


Completed honours students at ACBD

The ACBD has supported a large number of honours students in the past. We congratulate the following students who successfully completed their honours year with us.


     Lan Ho
            Project Title: Investigation of the biochemical events surrounding the shear-dependent negative regulation of integrin aIIbb3.
            Supervisor: Dr Sascha Hughan

     Eunice Sales
            Project Title: The role of tissue plasminogen activator in traumatic brain injury
            Supervisors: A/Prof. Robert Medcalf and Dr Maithili Sashindranath


      Amanda Au
Project Title: Investigation into the effects of stroke-related therapeutic agents and soluble blood-born agents on neuronal injury.
             Supervisors: A/Prof. Robert Medcalf and Dr. Andre Samson

      Bernadine Lu
Project Title: Investigation of the plasmin and antiplasmin interaction by mutagenesis of the antiplasmin C-terminus.
             Supervisors: A/Prof. Paul Coughlin and Dr. Anita Horvath

      Cindy Lin
Project Title: The role of CD45 in myeloma cell interactions with bone marrow stromal cells and drug sensitivities.

             Supervisors: A/Prof. Andrew Spencer and Dr. Tiffany Khong

      Gabrielle Van der Kraan
Project Title: The role of GPIb-V-IX in the negative regulation of integrin aIIbb 3 adhesive function.
              Supervisor: Dr. Sue Cranmer

      Hannah Lee
Project Title: Defining the role of thromb-induced platelet activation in thrombosis.
              Supervisor: Dr. Justin Hamilton

      Katrina Ashworth
 Project Title: The interaction of GPIb-alpha and filamin A in platelet adhesion and thrombus formation
              Supervisor: Dr. Sue Cranmer

      Linda Nguyen
Project Title: The production and characterisation of primary human megakaryocytes.
              Supervisor: Dr. Justin Hamilton

      My Hua
Project Title: Live and let die - regulation of platelet reactivity.
              Supervisor: Dr. Simone Schoenwaelder and Prof. Shaun Jackson


      Jessica Mountford
      Project Title: Establishment of a System for Examining Class II Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase Function in Murine Megakaryocytes
              Supervisor: Dr. Justin Hamilton

      Patrick Leung
Project Title: Investigation of the Functional Interplay between Platelets and Neutrophils
              Supervisors: Prof. Shaun Jackson and Dr.Yuping Yuan

      Rachael Borg
      Project Title: Investigation into the interaction between tissue-type plasminogen activator and injured neuronal cells
              Supervisor: Associate Prof. Robert Medcalf


      Bree Latta
Project Title: Mechanisms by which Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator (t-PA) Promotes Injury of Human Brain Endothelial Cells'                
              Supervisor: Associate Prof. Robert Medcalf

      Rivka Lilian
  Project Title: Characterisation of GPVI-mediated signalling in platelets – Roles for PI3K p110b and Rap1b 
              Supervisors: Prof. Shaun Jackson and Dr. Pierre Mangin


       Trifina Sofian
Project Title: Mechanism of glycosaminoglycan activation of murine antichymotrypsin 
               Supervisors: Assoc Prof. Paul Coughlin and Dr. Anita Horvath

       Joanna Lim
Project Title: Investigation of a role for phosphoinositide 3-kinase in thrombin-mediated platelet signallign and function
               Supervisors: Dr. Simone Schoenwaelder and Prof. Shaun Jackson